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Who is Laguz photography?

A proper introduction is never wrong to do. so hello, welcome here and thank you for your interest and the curiosity that led you here.

My name is Amber, I am a 27 year old graduated photographer. I live in Kiel, Germany since 2017 but originally I come from the Netherlands.

I am a motivated photographer, always looking for new ways to get inspired, new ways to work and new people to work with. Still exploring the big world of photography and along the way learning more and more and forever growing my knowledge. With a unique style and a different view on the world I try to share more of whats in my heart and mind with all those who want to see. I don’t want my pictures to only be pretty, I want them to make you feel something, happiness, a slight fantasy, maybe even a dream.

My art and style varies among conceptual, fantasy, story and sometimes almost like a game or a movie screenshot, but always atmospheric. Thanks to my love for anything post apocalyptic and fantasy I am able to make my own little world, an escape from reality, my form of art with a lot of passion.



What does ‘Laguz’  mean?

Laguz is a rune from the viking script; the elder Futhark. It’s the fifth letter of the third aett to be precise. The rune Laguz has many meanings. It means water, change, dreams. But the most important one for me, why I use this rune as logo and name is: the communication of your consciousness onto the subconsciousness of another. And that is what I do with my photography. I want you to make a story of the image that I present to you. I want you to feel something, that it awakens your fantasy. I want you to build your own story on the picture.

Curricullum vitae:

  • 2012 – 2016 Graduated at the University of applied photography Fotovakschool.
  • 2015/2016 – Internship with Geert Langelaan Action images.
  • 2015 – Internship with Richard Terborg Photography.
  • 2014 – Internship with Edelman productions (Studio XO).
  • 2014 – (Current) Working with/learning from Orkfotografie.nl.
  • 2013 – A day learning from Cojac photography.
  • 2013 – A day working with photoshoot.nl.
  • 2013 – A day learning from Krijn van Noordwijk at the Tattoobeurs Rotterdam.
  • 2012 – Photoshop and retoucheer for Jaap Broeders.



Clients/bands/artists and others I have worked together with:

(Band) Devil-M, (band) Evil Goat riders, (graphic design) GRiM design, (band) Jarl, (band) Maryfields, (designer) Maskarada masks&more, (entertainment) Medusa’s world, (band) Moment of Salvation, (designer) Pioro Blue, (theater) Royal Shakespeare company, (Designer) Siroj’s Tenebris, (entertainment) Wasteland Warriors.


Festivals and parties I have taken pictures at:

Castlefest (NL), Claustrophobia (NL), Eflia (NL), Mera Luna (DE), Midwinterfair Archeon (NL) MPS (DE), Wave Gotik Treffen (DE).

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