What is project I AM?

Here’s a little project I started out of a school assignment.
The purpose of the school assignment was to make 10 portraits of your idea of beauty. It’s getting a little out of hand and I love it. this will not just be a school assignment. This is gonna be a project I will be working on for a long time.
Starting 29 december 2014. End of the Year, Start of a new project. And this is an ongoing project that hopefully won’t end for a long time, because there will always be people that are ‘different’.

My idea of beauty is people who are themselves, people who don’t fit the ‘normal’ standards but have the guts to show the world who they are and don’t care about being judged. They have attitude, confidence and are a selection of the most openminded people I know.
They feel good about their looks. That is what you see in their eyes, their pose, their way of doing their things.
Beauty is not only on the outside, if it’s on the inside, it will shine.

I try to capture that.